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I loved this post. Though I know I am filled with faults, getting to know God (even if only a molecule of Him) has saved me from much greater sins. People sometimes seem to act as if the great evil in the world is just a small thing which can be fixed by Western science or just exhorting people to do good. I think it is evidence of a great problem with the human heart. Just (symbolically) crumbs from most anyone's table in Western society can save lives in the third world. Truly, we need a savior to forgive us for every crumb we horde and help us not only to not spare our crumbs, but to invite the suffering of this world up to our table with us. I don't do enough, and most people reading this are probably in the same boat, but God forbid that we should pretend that we don't see that there is someone begging at our table, or that this person doesn't have the same right to eat at our table as we do.

I find it very interesting, yet it makes so much sense, how Jeremiah makes it clear that when you don't seek to know the LORD, that you will create other gods. I find this very true in today's world. When we don't actively seek God, it becomes very easy to allow other things to take his place. It is so easy to get distracted and put schoolwork, friends, or even television as our priority about the Lord. Thanks for this reminder on the importance of truly seeking to know the LORD

I think a majority of people today, including Christians are so caught up in logic and understanding. Because of our many technological and medical advances we believe that in order for to truly know something, we need to completely understand that. Therefore, we as a society are caught up in knowing all we can about God in a way so that we understand every aspect of Him. This is not the true meaning, God mentions when He says He wants us to know Him. We do not and will not ever be able to understand God on every level, because He is just so complex and mighty that our small human brains cannot begin to comprehend. Instead, we should look to His teachings, and take note of His never ending love and compassion, and know that everything He does is because He loves us. Knowing God in this way can completely change your life.

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