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I like how you emphasize the idea of HEARING God's voice, and hearing his words. This is an important thing for Christians to keep in mind today becuase it is easy to fall victim to Satan's lies and traps. How does one know the difference between God's voice and a seemingly innocent trap that has been set by Satan? One must have accurate knowledge of the Bible in order to know what pleases and displeases God...This is something to reflect on and maybe will encourage us to spend a little more time studying the word of God.

I am glad you emphasized the importance of hearing obediently and deemphasized the importance of giving something up for lent. I think I remember Dr. McKnight saying something like "if you are giving it up for lent, its probably something you shouldn't be doing the rest of the year anyway." I also loved the poetic quotes you brought from Jeremiah and pointed out the similarity between them and Jesus. I have been learning to view the bible not only as a guide but also an object of beauty as a song or the sky. I think this beauty is especially seen in parallels between the Old and New Testaments, such as the one you pointed out.

I could not agree more. This Lenten Season I decided to pray for someone that I know is struggling and I know I can't understand with my own understanding. I'm listening to hear what God would like me to do and what that next stop is. This season is all about listen and not just about sacrificing something that is common and whole in your life. Its an amazing time well the "perfect timing" of God that gets us through the struggles of connecting to others. Something that I know is on my heart for a reason needs to rely on not my understanding of this specific situation but gods words of understanding and wisdom.

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