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It is interesting to hear your perspective on a relationship between human sin and the environment in the bible and this text. This is not something I ever really thought about before I took your classes. It seems to offer an interesting new (or perhaps old but forgotten) answer to the problem of natural evil (such as natural disasters). I would be interested to hear you get into more detail about the specifics of how these two relate. Thanks for the interesting post.

I really enjoyed your insight about how Jesus feeding the people was prophesied in Jeremiah. I know there are many prophesies about the Messiah and what he will do, but I am less familiar about how there were specific things that Jesus did to fulfill specific prophesies. This is something I am interested in exploring further. Thanks.

Reading this made me think of those on campus who believe in Christ but are afraid to give there life to Christ. As followers, we need to realize how we are those examples of Chris. We arelights on campus and looked at daily and how we react to those who ask for help or even those we see hurting. Through the word, God provides us opportunities to speak up and be a witness. When times are hard with friends or faculty we need to remember exactly what you've mentioned that God says, “I will remain faithful to you, and bring you back to the land. I will not forsake you.” (Jer. 16:15).We need to be that example of christ and know in those struggles we will never go hungry. During this Lenten season I have realized TRUST is a large factor with faith along with GODS PERFECT TIMING. So even when situation that we are asked to help with are difficult we need to be consistent like God and speak up.Just how he will always provide and never leave us alone

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