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I enjoy seeing the parallels in scripture- it opens my eyes to how well the Lord has an understanding of humanity's situation- in other words, I love to see the design, or pattern, of our greater existence. It gives me hope.

I have never made the connection between the intertextual similarities surrounding the theme of dark/light in relation to creation and Christ's resurrection. I also have always wondered why the women received the blessing of speaking with the angels and also bringing the news to the men. It makes a lot of sense that this was a justice-oriented action honoring those who were oppresssed.

I was never aware that the resurrection of Jesus was that complex and intriguing. However, everything that was said makes sense. The world essentially revolves around God and Jesus. When God wanted there to be light, there was light and it was good. Good can also be related to the aspect of Jesus, who is also good. When He died on the cross for our sins, the world grew dark, just like it was before God made and light. When he rose from the dead, light was brought back to the earth and the rights of women rose up as well. A very interesting and logical perspective of the resurrection of Jesus.

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