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I guess the optimum way would be to be a vegan who drives a hybrid car snd doesn't leave electronic gadgets on standby.

Cat :)


I agree that we need some radical solutions for our environmental issues. But I disagree about the vegan diet as part of any solution. Please don't be offended, but the healthiest diet for a person is a balanced diet. (And, by the way, for hundreds of millions of years, many animals eat meat and didn't lead to any environmental problems.)

The issue is in the US where we just eat way too much and waste too much, and food contains too many hormons. Look at the French--no problems there. Check out Parisian Slim, a weight loss program, at www.parisianslim.com which uses portion control to limit how much we eat, but allows us to eat what we want--balanced eating is key. It's not just about losing weight but eating what we want

If we don't eat too much, we won't manufacture too much either. And that will lead to a better world. In every way. That's at least my 2 cents.

Couldn't agree more Cat. :) Although being a vegan can be bad for you, especially babies. Might have to leave that one off. On the flip side, Tesla IPOed yesterday which will help usher in the age of the electric car. Good read Tracey.

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